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Online Tyre Purchases Scaling Continuously Higher in Europe – UK at the Forefront

27 May 2014 2,029 views 2 Comments

Believe it or not but more and more motorists are now purchasing new tyres through online tyre retailers, says a recent survey conducted in the UK. The story is pretty similar in other European countries as well; where tyre sales in the last couple of years have notched up through online transactions.


An In-depth Research

This in-depth survey was conducted across the UK and Europe by market research firm SKOPOS based in Cologne, Germany, in early 2014. The study that involved 5000 female and male drivers between the age groups of 18-65 in five European countries and the UK, found that a quarter of respondents had already purchased their tyres through different online platforms. The remaining, who wished to buy tyres, said they would prefer doing so through online resources, than personally visiting the distributor.

UK Leading in Online Tyre Purchases

The good news is that while the online tyre sales segment has a long way to go, the UK shows a visibly strong percentage of buyers who want to restrict their purchases to the online medium. Statistics collected through the survey show that the percentage of British drivers who have acquired tyres through online platforms has increased from 14 % in 2013 to 23 % in 2014.

What’s more, over one third of prospective buyers in the UK who have never bought tyres online feel it would be better to make an online purchase, rather than visiting a tyre shop.

Experts in the tyre industry feel that consumers’ preference for online purchases is growing at a staggering pace, which is very good for the future of the industry. In fact the increase in online purchases, in the UK itself has doubled since last year.

In fact, only a few days ago, we had discussed in this blog about a predicted surge in online tyre sales across Europe. The figure is expected to reach 20% of total radial sales by 2020. And this research only confirms the same.

Factors Contributing to the Jump in Online Sales

Interestingly, the study has also pinpointed several factors contributing to the increase in sales via the Internet. Over 75% British drivers attribute this to the high availability of different categories of tyres, while 59% say they are very satisfied with the kind of discounts being offered online. 67% feel that they are very happy with their past experience of purchasing tyres through online retailers, while 58% feel that there is a large choice in brands and models.

Many respondents have also mentioned other factors such as quick service, technical guidance and 24 hour customer assistance, as well as assured home deliveries within a short time, as crucial parameters which prompted them to make an online purchase. This, experts feel, is a great boost for the online tyre retail market where consumers are being given an ideal environment to pick and choose their desired brands at truly affordable costs.

More Education through Online Channels

Industry leaders suggest that online sales could reach higher percentages if consumers could be taught more about tyre usage and when to purchase new radials. The online medium itself could be helpful in drawing up this data on technical specs, maintenance, usage and tyre purchase.

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