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Pirelli Launches Pirelli PZero Nero GT Tyres for North America

15 August 2013 58,870 views One Comment

Leading tyre manufacturer Pirelli Tyres has launched the Pirelli PZero Nero GT tyre for the North American replacement market. This tyre is the latest addition to Pirelli’s popular PZero line. Following in the tradition of the Pirelli PZero range, these are ultra high performance tyres suited for high end vehicles ranging from sports cars to high powered saloons.

Know More About the Pirelli PZero Nero GT Tyres

The PZero Nero GT is a summer tyre and has been designed to offer balanced performance on various parameters. Speaking to the media during the launch of this new Pirelli tyre, Mr. Steve Carpino, Research and Development Vice President said that drivers can expect the PZero Nero GT to respond more promptly to their steering commands, enhancing the handling characteristics. “These tyres also show superior performance in the rain”, Mr. Carpino added. Exhibiting a more traditional Pirelli tread pattern, the Pirelli PZero Nero GT tyres are also associated with enhanced treadwear, which prolongs the tyre life.

Increased Treadwear – USP of the Pirelli PZero Nero GT Tyres

Pirelli Tyres is focusing on the enhanced treadwear characteristics of this tyre. According to Mr. Carpino, the secret to increased treadwear lies in the specially developed tyre tread compound, which increases the treadwear, without compromising the sporty characteristics of the tyre.

“You may pay some premium on this tyre, but the fact remains that you get more than your money’s worth because of the tyre longevity” is essentially the message Pirelli is trying to convey.  Mr. Carpino reiterated that the thinking behind the development of this tyre had been to create a tyre that will offer satisfactory performance day after day for a long time, when being used every single day.

What Mileage Figures are we Talking?

The Pirelli PZero Nero GT tyres will be available in 27 sizes at launch going on to 60 by the end of the year.

And depending on tyre size you choose, you are looking at a mileage of 30,000-32,000 miles over the lifetime of the tyres. The change in mileage is due to the change in the footprint of the tyre and does not diminish or compromise any other performance area. Pirelli though is not offering a treadwear guarantee on the tyre, at least for now. “We are looking at developing a universal warranty for the company in the future”, said Mr. Paolo Ferrari, Pirelli North America, Chairman and CEO.

Change in Focus for Pirelli?

Pirelli Tyres has traditionally focused on performance, catering more to the image conscious motorist and sporting enthusiast. So does this focus on treadwear for the Pirelli PZero Nero GT tyres signal a change for Pirelli? Apparently no. Mr. Ferrari confirmed that there is no change in the core Pirelli focus. He added that the development and launch of the Pirelli PZero Nero GT tyres has been dictated by consumer demand. “There is a huge demand for this type of tyre in the North American market and we are here to meet our customers’ demands”, says Mr. Ferrari.

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