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Adventurous Tyres for an Adventurous Spy – the Tyres that Rocked James Bond’s Cars

24 June 2013 7,515 views No Comment

It is hugely unfair. James Bond’s cool cars get all the attention. The tyres, supporting those fancy cars and which make sure that our favourite spy gets to safety each time he is chased by the not-so-good elements in exotic locations around the world (with or without beautiful girls by his side), hardly ever get a mention.

It is time to shake things up and stir them a bit. This article honours the James Bond car tyres with the attention they deserve.

Bond’s Favourite Cars Along the Years…And What ‘Drove’ Them

1.  Aston Martin DB5

Without doubt, Bond’s favourite car. It debuted in the 1964 Sean Connery starrer Goldfinger. Along the way, Bond has driven various models of Aston Martin, including the Aston Martin DBS, the V8 Vantage, the V12 Vanquish but the DB5 has been his companion for close to six films including Skyfall that released earlier this year. Bond’s Aston Martins had unique features like revolving license plates, oil-spurting rear brake lights and more. But the tyres were thankfully, regular, sensible ones that supported the car entirely in all its fancy antics.

The Aston Martin DBS comes equipped with stylish 20 inch alloys, which are factory fitted with the Pirelli PZero tyres. Pirelli PZero tyres are the benchmark for the ultra high performance category, so it is hardly surprising that they are the original fitments for the Aston Martin DBS.

2.  Lotus Esprit S1

Car buffs fell in love with the Lotus Esprit S1, in Roger Moore’s The Spy Who Loved Me, (1977) because of its unique ability to turn into a submarine when underwater. Admittedly a useful, nay crucial feature in cars driven by super spies like Bond.


But for the rest of us, tyres that perform exceptionally well on wet surfaces, by reducing chances of skids are good enough. Even the most adventurous of us would not plunge underwater with our cars!

Lotus in fact, recommends the Pirelli P6000 tyres and the Dunlop SP Sport 01 tyres for the Esprit. Both these tyres are specified by their manufacturers (Pirelli Tyres and Dunlop Tyres respectively) for high end performance saloons and are equipped with technologies to maximise performance and safety. The Dunlop SP Sport01 tyres exhibit a hydro-paddle tread design, which sharply cuts surface water enhancing the aquaplaning resistance and improving wet safety. The unique wavy tread blocks with elliptical water channels present in the Pirelli P6000 tyres confer maximum wet safety.

3.  Bond and BMW

Bond romanced the BMW in Tomorrow Never Dies (BMW 750iL) and The World is Not Enough (BMW Z8). Interestingly both starred Pierce Brosnan as the suave and sexy secret agent. Of course, both cars had their share of ‘hi-tech’ gadgets, part of Bond’s ‘professional kit’. But what of tyres?


The BMW 7 series (of which the 750iL is a part) is BMW’s flagship car brand offering maximum luxury and high powered performance. Some of the best recommended tyres for this car are ultra high performance tyres such as the Michelin Pilot Primacy tyres and the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres.

Which are your favourite Bond cars? Do you know the unsung heroes (read tyres) behind those cars?

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