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Germany Set for Winter Tyres Law

12 October 2010 14,964 views One Comment

Winter TyresPeter Ramsauer, Germany’s Transport Minister, has announced that motorists will soon have an obligation to use winter tyres to ensure their and other’s safety whilst driving in snowy and muddy weather conditions.

This safety crackdown was confirmed in the daily newspaper Bild which would provide responsibility to the owners of vehicles to ensure their tyres are safe. The current law leaves the responsibility with the manufacturers to label winter tyres that are suitable for driving in such conditions.

“We have to act quickly. It cannot be that a free pass is given for dangerously sliding on ice. The provisions of the road traffic regulation are therefore being overhauled. We will, on an interim basis, introduce an obligation to use winter tyres. Anyone who drives in snow and mud during winter with unsuitable tyres is endangering themselves and others.”

An interesting point made by Ramsauer, was that this national winter tyre regulation would apply until an actual European regulation came into effect – reportedly during 2011. Would this see motorists in England having to ensure they are using winter tyres during bad weather conditions? Does British weather actually warrant such tyres? We know from reading our winter tyres guide that they can be used in conditions where the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius.

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