The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources
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One of the most awful tyre fires that occurred at a recycling tyre facility in Renfrewshire is believed to have been far from innocent. Our news sources have hinted towards deliberate plotting that went into shaping this terrible incident. The night of July 10 was a night to remember for several residents of Renfrew, located along the river banks ... [ Read: The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources ]

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Situated right at the heart of Suffolk, Scour Prevention Systems, have yet again proved their mettle and strengthened their already strong position in the segment. The company has secured a huge amount in funding that will facilitate taking their inventive project using recycled radials to a higher level. Scour Prevention Systems is based out of Lowestoft and offers an ... [ Read: The Offshore Industry to Further Benefit from the Use of Recycled Tyres – Invention to Combat Scour Secures Heavy Funding ]

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[Published by | 21 Nov 2014 | No Comments | 196 views]

While the weather is worsening by the day, latest research has found that roughly one out of every ten car owners in the UK haven’t bothered to get the radials of their four wheelers inspected for at least a year. How much danger is actually dangerous? Aren’t we placing our families and ourselves at extreme risk by not carrying ... [ Read: Is Your Tread Keeping You Safe In Rough Weather? Ask Your Tyres ]

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[Published by | 21 Nov 2014 | No Comments | 202 views]

Believe it or not, car manufacturers save almost £100 if they do not equip a car with a spare tyre. That could be the real reason why most car firms have started refraining from providing one in new cars. Next time, God forbid, if your car breaks down due to a tyre gone flat in the middle of ... [ Read: Car Manufacturers On a Cost-Cutting Binge – Are Spare Tyres Already a Thing of the Past? ]

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[Published by | 19 Nov 2014 | No Comments | 157 views]

Representatives from across the tyre industry will work in close contact with several government agencies to alleviate the percentage of tyre related road casualties that occur across the UK every year. The tyre industry and the Government have joined forces to find a lasting solution to a seemingly impossible problem. The two will unite to bring down the instances ... [ Read: Rejoice! Road Casualties Could Be a Thing of the Past – Tyre Industry and Government Come Together to Ensure This ]

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For Taiwan based Federal Tyres, established in 1954, 2014 marks its 60th birthday. The company has been celebrating its landmark diamond jubilee year all through this year. The celebrations concluded recently in Taiwan with a spectacular carnival. Federal Tyres, the official tyre partner for Manchester United in Russia and Taiwan, topped off their diamond jubilee celebrations in style with ... [ Read: Federal Concludes 60th Anniversary Celebrations in Taiwan in Style ]

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[Published by | 17 Nov 2014 | No Comments | 263 views]

Giti Tire that was part of the Euro Bus Expo for the very first announced that the experience has been extremely fruitful for the company. As a result of participation in this Expo, the company has been able to generate several leads for its tyres, the GT Radial GDR225 Combi Road and the GAUU861. Participating in the recently concluded ... [ Read: Participation in Euro Bus Expo a Big Success for Giti Tire ]

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[Published by | 13 Nov 2014 | No Comments | 444 views]

Continental Tyres has every reason to beam. Its popular winter tyre, the ContiWinterContact TS850 has grabbed the top spot in the winter tyre test conducted by UK’s leading auto magazine Auto Express. The victory is made even more special owing to the fact this is not the first taste of success for the ContiWinterContact TS850. Did anyone say ... [ Read: Continental Grabs Top Spot in the Auto Express Winter Tyre Test 2014 ]

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[Published by | 11 Nov 2014 | No Comments | 276 views]

8 Ways Your Car Can Already Drive Itself [Infographic] by the team at Vehicle Donation Processing Center   [ Read: 8 Ways Your Car Can Already Drive Itself ]

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[Published by | 10 Nov 2014 | No Comments | 384 views]

Bridgestone Tyres is actively encouraging motorists to switch to winter products. This message comes with the aim of boosting tyre safety in the upcoming cold months. With the conditions all set to become more and more unpredictable, and with the increasing number of casualties due to unsafe tyres, Bridgestone has taken it upon itself to educate people about ... [ Read: Bridgestone Encourages Motorists to Consider Tyre Safety in the Winter ]