The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources
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One of the most awful tyre fires that occurred at a recycling tyre facility in Renfrewshire is believed to have been far from innocent. Our news sources have hinted towards deliberate plotting that went into shaping this terrible incident. The night of July 10 was a night to remember for several residents of Renfrew, located along the river banks ... [ Read: The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources ]

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The two renowned giants in their respective fields, Apollo Tyres and Manchester United, have yet again embarked on a novel initiative. Called the ‘Apollo Challenges’ Competition, this programme is aimed at nurturing young talent with a penchant for football. Manchester United Club and Apollo Tyres, as an extension of their ‘Go the Distance’ philosophy, have decided to release a ... [ Read: Apollo and Man United Support Young Football Talent – Initiate ‘Apollo Challenges’ Initiative ]

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More and more organisations are acknowledging the importance of road and tyre safety in day to day life. Cheshire Police is already well-known for its commendable efforts to increase pertinent awareness among the masses. The body has recently joined hands with TyreSafe, and will now act in the position of its strong supporter. Several emergency road services and local ... [ Read: Cheshire Police Joins Hands With TyreSafe To Promote Tyre Safety ]

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[Published by | 11 Sep 2014 | 2 Comments | 247 views]

Continental has recently launched a system to check tyre inflation levels for port tyres. It seems that the age old problem of slow and gradual air loss and consequent punctures in tyres used in port logistics will now be taken care of. Radials used at most cargo locations including ports suffer from a problem of slow and continual tyre ... [ Read: Port And Harbour Tyres To Benefit From Continental’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems ]

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28c is an addition to Michelin’s immensely successful PRO4 Endurance tyre range. The French radial giant makes yet another mark in all-road endurance riding. The French tyre manufacturer, Michelin, has recently beefed up its endurance riding range of radials. The latest 28c model is the one that’s the talk of the town, and is totally worth the attention ... [ Read: Michelin Goes A Mile Ahead – Enhances Its PRO4 Endurance Range By 28c ]

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The latest organisation to join TyreSafe in its drive to create awareness about road and tyre safety concerns is the popular Camping and Caravanning Club. Thanks to this tie-up, awareness on these issues among the general populace is bound to spread only faster from now on. The UK’s leading not-for-profit tyre safety organisation has welcomed its newest supporter with ... [ Read: Camping and Caravanning ‘Club’s With TyreSafe As Its Newest Supporter ]

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[Published by | 4 Sep 2014 | 4 Comments | 473 views]

Michelin and Britain – the relationship is legendary and traces to as early as 1905. Over 100 years of trust and confidence is not a small feat for the tyre manufacturer; let’s take a peak into what makes Michelin so special for the UK. Road and rail transportation are quite comparable to being the nervous system of Britain. The ... [ Read: AEC Routemaster Underscores Michelin’s Legendary Association With The UK ]

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Maintaining decent traction levels at low running pressures required to preserve soil structure isn’t an easy task. Despite this, Mitas seems to have achieved the seemingly difficult, explains its agricultural tyre unit’s technical manager. Mitas is globally renowned for its extensive radial portfolio catering to off-road and agricultural requirements. And now, the tyre manufacturer has accomplished a feat that ... [ Read: Advanced Tyre Techs To Reduce Soil Impact Of Heavy Machines Of The Future ]

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TyreSafe’s annual tyre safety month initiative is in the offing. The campaign has recently received a tremendous boost in the form of official support from Road Safety GB. TyreSafe – a stalwart in the field of road and tyre safety has found support from an equivalent in the field. Recently, Road Safety GB extended support to TyreSafe and ... [ Read: Road Safety GB Lends Support To TyreSafe For Its Popular October Initiative ]

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Tyre industry experts have commended Michelin’s Premier A-S radial for various reasons. The manufacturer has yet again proved its mettle as an industry stalwart with an unremitting penchant for innovation. Most leading radial manufacturers continually experiment with different materials to build tyres with a minimum possible amount of petrochemicals. In developing their Premier A-S, Michelin have used a fine ... [ Read: Michelin Revolutionises With Ever Grip Tech – Premier A-S Grips As It Wears ]