Car driver types
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Here is a funky interactive page that has been created by National tyres and Autocare describing who are the main types of Car Drivers and how to spot them? Do you fit into the bill of one of these car drivers? or is there someone you know that does? I sure know one or two of these driver types. Personally ... [ Read: Who are the main types of Car Drivers and how to spot them? ]

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Do you like Japanese cars? Do you like luxury cars? If yes, then the Mitsuoka Roadster should blow your mind. The Mitsuoka Roadster is a bizarre mix of an MX-5, Morgan and Jaguar and has been custom-built by Japanese automobile company Mitsuoka. Mitsuoka may be a small automobile company but it has a reputation for designing and building ... [ Read: Everything About The Mitsuoka Roadster ]

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Presenting to you the whole, the majestic, All-Terrain T/A KO2 tyres; “KO2″ stands for Key benefits On and Off the road. BFGoodrich’s quality and grip is nothing short of exceptional, the tyre speaks for itself. This tyre has been engineered to cater to the needs of pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Designed for heavy-duty vehicles, the 2nd generation KO ... [ Read: Presenting to you the majestic All-Terrain T/A KO2 ]

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Michelin and Bridgestone are some of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world. Both carmakers are significantly interested in sports racing as well. In fact, Michelin and Bridgestone tyres have made significant differences to the world of motor racing due to the cutting-edge technology, polymer compounds and tread designs specifically created for motor racing. However, bike crashes at the ... [ Read: Michelin and Bridgestone Tyres Increasing Crash Statistics? ]

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As you are may or may not be aware new car purchases are at an all-time high this summer in the UK. Diesel prices are lower than oil for the first time in 15 years – it is an exciting time for car buyers and sellers. Check out this infographic by Sainsburys Bank on buying a new car. [ Read: Buying a new car infographic ]

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If you are considering buying a used car, then take a look at Sainsburys Banks used buyers guide. [ Read: Buying a used car infographic ]

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The Volvo V60 D6 Twin Engine has finally been unveiled and it is truly impressive. Although Volvo has been quite busy in 2015, the Swedish automaker has come up with a great version of the V60. This new wagon is expensive at £48,000, but the car is enjoying some of the best reviews worldwide. About the Volvo V60 D6 Twin ... [ Read: Volvo V60 D6 Twin Engine -Taking a Test Drive ]

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Tyres are extremely important for the proper functioning of a car. Fully inflated tyres are necessary for a smooth drive. At the same time, properly inflated tyres also ensure lower rolling resistance, increased fuel efficiency, and long-tem cash savings. However, most drivers forget to check tyre pressure. In fact, almost 90% of drivers do not check tyre pressure ... [ Read: Check Your Tyre Pressure While On the Move ]

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Formula 1 is a very popular sport but very few people know the actual details of the sport. Racing teams use specially manufactured engines, state-of-the-art ergonomic cars, special fuel mixes and lubricants, and unique wheel and tyre combinations, while competing in the legendary high-speed event. Unlike simple sports like football and basketball, Formula 1 fans need to invest their ... [ Read: Pirelli Tests New 18-Inch Wheels ]

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It really can happen to anyone. You are tired after a busy day at work. You then have a single glass of wine with your friend at the local pub. Just one glass, but you can barely keep your eyes open on the drive home. The inevitable happens and you drive your car off the road. On a ... [ Read: Vibrating Steering Wheel: A Good Idea for Sleepy Drivers? ]