The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources
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One of the most awful tyre fires that occurred at a recycling tyre facility in Renfrewshire is believed to have been far from innocent. Our news sources have hinted towards deliberate plotting that went into shaping this terrible incident. The night of July 10 was a night to remember for several residents of Renfrew, located along the river banks ... [ Read: The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources ]

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A colossal landfill hole, at the tip of Hempsted in Gloucestershire, lined with thousands of tyres – yes that’s a real-life scenario we recently saw at the suburban village. Cory Environmental sheds light. Imagine a huge landfill pit, approximately the size of a swimming pool at the Olympics. And then imagine thousands of discarded black rubber radials lining it. ... [ Read: Leachate Drainage Layers Are Thousands Of Tyres – Cory Environmental Clears The Controversy ]

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Like every year, TyreSafe is all geared up to organise its tyre safety event with a difference – the Tyre Safety Month in October. Registrations are now open. The non-profit organisation has also opened entry for its TyreSafe Awards – an immensely successful event last year. Registrations Open For October Safety Month All the companies planning to support TyreSafe this ... [ Read: An Eventful Year Ahead For TyreSafe – Registration Open For Tyre Safety Month And Annual Association Awards ]

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Now, here’s a great opportunity to enhance your racing potential and high-speed driving abilities. Michelin has introduced its innovative track day programme in the UK for motor racing aficionados. The programme will help them pursue their passion and hone their skills like never before. Are you ready to take the Michelin Pilot Sport Challenge? Track days have, over the ... [ Read: Michelin Broadens Avenues for Track Day Lovers With Its Pilot Sport Challenge ]

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Summer time is here and long distance travel is yet again on the cards for millions across the UK. 15.7bn miles of travel is no joke; and Britain is expected to crack it this year. With the arrival of summer begin travel plans across households in the UK. Summer season has become almost synonymous with holiday season and the ... [ Read: 15bn Miles Of Travel On The Cards For British Families This Summer ]

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Continental has made an indelible mark in the automotive aftermarket with its excellent-quality products and comprehensive service. Its services have meant only one thing thus far – success for workshops. Continental will place its newest services for this market segment at the centre stage at the popular auto event Automechanika this September. Its workshop services including belt drive ... [ Read: Continental Services to Empower Automotive Workshops For Ace Quality ]

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Along with summer comes the increase in towing related incidents on the roads of UK. That’s why TyreSafe suggests that you make sure your caravan or trailer tyres are checked thoroughly before you hit the road. The summer might get to your vehicle right in the middle of your journey and could leave you stranded for miles. It’s ... [ Read: Increase In Towing Expected This Year – Ensure Trouble Free Travel With Simple Tyre Checks ]

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Formula E racing was an idea conceived in 2012; and an event based on the same will finally witness electric cars racing down the circuits at Beijing on September 13, 2014. The championship will begin there and will see a series of races being held across 10 cities. Formula E is considered to be a uniquely challenging race ... [ Read: Michelin Looks Forward To Formula E As Its Newest Tyre Test Laboratory ]

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Remember that line from the movie Superman? “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a tyre?” Oh wait, that’s different. I guess the tyre part comes in, in the version, where an accident on the Silverstone race course recently caused a tyre to come flying out at a driver, almost injuring him severely. The British ... [ Read: Tyre Flies Out Towards Max Chilton At Silverstone – A Fortunate Close Miss ]

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After securing a contract for 12 months with Michelin and making use of their tyres for a fleet of cars across brands, Benfield, a renowned motor vehicle retailer in the North East is all set to sport Michelin products for yet another term. Benfield is a leading retailer of vehicles. It is a family owned business that was ... [ Read: Michelin Has Benfield Smitten – Contract Renewed For Yet Another Term ]