The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources
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One of the most awful tyre fires that occurred at a recycling tyre facility in Renfrewshire is believed to have been far from innocent. Our news sources have hinted towards deliberate plotting that went into shaping this terrible incident. The night of July 10 was a night to remember for several residents of Renfrew, located along the river banks ... [ Read: The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources ]

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The success of the global transport refrigeration major – Carrier Transicold – and its association with Dunlop racing tyres is far from being newfound. The tyre major has played a significant role in establishing Carrier Transicold as a world leader in its niche. Dunlop Motorsport is well-known across the globe for its cutting-edge technologies and tyre solutions with a ... [ Read: Dunlop Motorsport To Go A Long Way With Carrier Transicold ]

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Giti Tire has revealed complete details on two of its newest radials. Its GSW226 and GTL925 are advanced performance truck and bus radials engineered to make a positive difference to the segment. Ranked at the tenth spot among tyre manufacturers globally, based on its annual revenue, Giti Tire is in news once again. The renowned tyre maker, headquartered in ... [ Read: Giti Tire Makes A Mark With GSW226 And GTL925 For Trucks and Buses ]

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Nanomaterials can enhance the sustainability quotient of the tyre industry – says research. A recent report from OECD shows how nanotechnology can be exploited to curb the impact of our tyres and, hence, vehicles on the environment. ‘Nanotechnology and tyres?’ – You might wonder; but nanotechnology happens to be the latest buzzword in the tyre industry. The latest report ... [ Read: The Tyre Industry And Transportation To Go Greener With Nanotechnology ]

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The European tyre industry is all set to boom at a steady rate over the coming few years. Extensive research conducted by a global management consulting company, TechSci Research, has revealed the same. There are 12 leading radial manufacturers, over 91 tyre production facilities and 15 state-of-the-art research and development centres operational in Europe at the moment. The European ... [ Read: An Annual Growth Rate Of 5% on The Cards For The European Tyre Market – Says Research ]

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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company now has one more feather in its already embellished cap. One of the most prominent truck and bus manufacturers globally, MAN Truck & Bus AG, has picked radials from the U.S. based manufacturer over the rest in the industry. MAN Truck & Bus AG, better known as MAN, is among the world leaders ... [ Read: Goodyear Tyres Turn Out To Be ‘MAN’s’ First Choice ]

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[Published by | 8 Aug 2014 | No Comments | 414 views]

UK roads are now safer for cyclists; there’s a novel technology developed by a Bristol-based engineering firm that will ensure road and tyre safety for all cyclists across the UK. Fusion Processing Ltd has proved its mettle as an engineering firm with a difference. This company from Bristol has developed CycleEye technology – a ground breaking innovation to take ... [ Read: CycleEye Technology – A Groundbreaking Innovation In Road Safety ]

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One of the hottest Italian sports automobiles will soon embrace Continental Tyres. Maserati has recently confirmed that its next Ghibli will sport Conti’s SportContact 5 radials. Maserati has plans to launch its next Ghibli soon; and Continental is in news with reference to the same. The leading Italian sports car maker has zeroed in on the ContiSportContact 5 radials ... [ Read: The Newest Ghibli To Run On ContiSportContact 5 – Confirms Maserati ]

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The Studious One Brandishing their L plates in some old banger with Dad supervising the Driving Lessons or fresh out of the test centre with fresh P plates, these drivers are probably sticking bang on the speed limit of about 10 kilometres per hour below it and keep getting stuck in the wrong gear at every Stop sign. Be ... [ Read: What Are the Main Types of Car Driver and How to Spot Them? ]

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Pirelli is in news again; and for the right reasons. The leading global tyre manufacturer and ITN, a major British television content provider, have come together to create and release a short film. The film highlights the benefits of fitting Pirelli tyres to fleet vehicles. Many of the UK’s renowned fleet operators have benefitted significantly by using Pirelli ... [ Read: UK Truck Fleets Benefit From Pirelli Tyres – Short Film Explains ]