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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here is a funky interactive page that has been created by National tyres and Autocare describing who are the main types of Car Drivers and how to spot them? Do you fit into the bill of one of these car drivers? or is there someone you know that does? I sure know one or two ... [ Read: Who are the main types of Car Drivers and how to spot them? ]

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Northampton’s already established repute as a global hub for F1 engine development has now been further strengthened. Renault is in news for partnering with a local engine specialist for the Formula One. Renault, the French automobile giant and F1 engine supplier, has apparently tied up with a Northampton-based engine specialist firm. The association is aimed at devising advanced engine ... [ Read: UK Engineering Potential Tapped – Renault Opts for Northampton for F1 Engines ]

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The prestigious Pentalver Group has expressed preference for Continental, the world leader in tyres. The shipping haulage expert will now run its containers on specialty radials from Conti. Continental Specialty Tyres is a preferred choice of several, who take their business seriously. And one more leading firm to join the bandwagon is UK-based Pentalver Transport. Continental has long established its ... [ Read: Conti is Now Pentalver Transport’s First Choice ]

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Michelin will be rolling out its puncture-resistant Selfseal tyres around the world starting 2015. According to Michelin, the Selfseal technology can be applied to any of its tyre range, with only a minimal increase in cost. As its name implies, Michelin tyres equipped with the Selfseal technology are able to continue performing as normal by using a special compound ... [ Read: Say Goodbye To Punctures With Michelin Selfseal ]

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Leading British automobile weekly, Auto Express, has showered TyreSafe’s Tyre Safety Companion with accolades. The App has earned top honours for its contribution towards enhancing road safety across Britain. The UK’s leading tyre safety association has achieved an award for yet another outstanding innovation. The not-for-profit association launched its innovative ‘Tyre Safety Companion’ mobile application last year in October ... [ Read: TyreSafe App Earns ‘Best App’ Title ]

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The car has a strong case financially and boasts of a history of being real fun at driving. However, does the newest Ford Mondeo estate actually have the potential to match up to rivals like Skoda Octavia and VW Golf? Let’s discover. Ford Mondeo estate variant for 2015 shouts out that it’s a Ford creation louder than any other ... [ Read: Go Spacious in 2015 with the Super-Comfortable New Ford Mondeo Zetec ]

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Mercedes-Benz’s F015 Concept, engineered for autonomous operation, offers a sneak peek into the firm’s lofty future plans. The ground-breaking Luxury in Motion concept establishes Merc’s stance on putting self-driving automobiles into production. Mercedes-Benz recently revealed its F015 Luxury in Motion concept vehicle on the eve of a popular Consumer Electronics Show. The premium auto major has showcased its audacious ... [ Read: Mercedes Showcases F015 Concept – Stuns the Industry with Self-driving Abilities ]

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The new Audi Q3 is a smarter and punchier alternative to diesel-powered efficient models owing to its 1.4TFSI petrol engine. Safe handling, excellent comfort and superb refinement make this one quite a desirable option in the Q3 range. The face-lifted Q3 stands out with its 1.4TFSI petrol engine. The entry-level engine churns out an attractive 148bhp and offers an ... [ Read: Audi Q3 Gets a Mid-life Makeover for 2015 ]

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Hertz, a globally popular car rental brand, recently conducted an interesting poll. The results of the survey established that nearly 50% of all in-car arguments arise from getting lost on a road trip. The secret, Hertz opines, to avoiding arguments with family members on long road trips, lies in plugging in to reliable satellite navigation equipment. The UK research ... [ Read: A Guide to Avoiding Road Trip Arguments – Recommends Hertz ]

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Falken Tyres’ iconic International Drift Team is the first one to announce its participation at the Coventry MotoFest to be held from 29th to 31st May, 2015.   The International Drift Team at Falken Tyres will showcase its motorsport talent at the much-awaited Coventry MotoFest 2015. The members of the British team will include Matt Carter, Kirsty Widdrington and Paul ... [ Read: Falken to Stun at Coventry MotoFest with International Drift Team ]