The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources
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One of the most awful tyre fires that occurred at a recycling tyre facility in Renfrewshire is believed to have been far from innocent. Our news sources have hinted towards deliberate plotting that went into shaping this terrible incident. The night of July 10 was a night to remember for several residents of Renfrew, located along the river banks ... [ Read: The Horrendous Tyre Inferno at Renfrew Started Deliberately Say Sources ]

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World’s leading tyre manufacturer and one of the most celebrated premium car makers have come together for the greater good of the society. They have joined hands to offer motorists an opportunity to experience the advantages of using winter tyres. The recent partnership between Continental Tyres and Mercedes Benz is quite a meaningful one. Drivers can now explore the ... [ Read: Continental Partners With Mercedes to Enhance Awareness on Winter Tyres ]

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One of the largest nationwide surveys has revealed some appalling facts about the usage of part worn tyres across Britain. The study, co-ordinated by National Tyre Distributors Association and UK’s prominent tyre safety association, has pointed towards an increased risk that’s engulfing the nation. TyreSafe and NTDA organised a countrywide investigation into the part worn tyre trade across the ... [ Read: Part Worn Tyres – A Menace Greater Than You Can Ever Imagine, Reports Survey ]

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Earlier this year at the popular Paris Motor Show, the Japanese tyre giant Bridgstone, presented yet another groundbreaking innovation. It showcased a set of radials that never need air inflation checks. Simply put, these are tyres without any air inside them. Bridgestone has managed to achieve the seemingly impossible and something most of us may never even have thought ... [ Read: Airless Radials – Bridgestone Brings On a Tyre Revolution ]

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Recently, one of the leading German automotive publications, Auto Bild, conducted rigorous tests to identify the best products in the cold weather tyre segment. Here are the results. The Auto Bild winter radial test 2014 involved sixteen cold weather tyres, in size 225/50 R17, across fifteen key disciplines. The test criteria included snow grip, dry grip, comfort, wet grip ... [ Read: Auto Bild Lists the Best Among Winter Tyres ]

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Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency recently released shocking data pertaining to rampant MOT test failures. Latest figures released in response to a Freedom of Information appeal have indicated that millions of motorists in the UK are placing themselves, fellow passengers and other road users in grave danger by fitting unsafe tyres on their vehicles. Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ... [ Read: MOT Failures Number Runs In Millions – Courtesy Faulty Tyres ]

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World’s leading tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone, has recently highlighted the impact of compromised road safety on children. Recently, Bridgestone Tyre Corporation carried out a survey, involving school going children and motorists in the UK. The results of the survey have turned out to be quite shocking – almost 35% of parents of primary school children have witnessed ‘an accident that ... [ Read: Prioritising Child Safety on Road – Bridgestone Teams with Brake to Reveal Shocking Stats ]

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Michelin has already gone a long way in offering efficient solutions to the fleet industry across the globe. In a recent piece of news, J.C. Trans – a haulier based out of Leicester – has recorded a massive reduction in tyre failure incidents per quarter, after switching to Michelin radials. A reduction of a staggering 88% in incidents related ... [ Read: J.C. Trans Adopts New Tyre Policy – Benefits from Michelin Fleet Solutions ]

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Bridgestone Tyre Corporation is as much of a socially responsible firm as it is a frontrunner in the tyre industry. The Japanese tyre giant has designed its newest advertising campaign in line with the principles of tyre safety. One of the most important aspects of driving smoothly and safely at all times is indubitably tyre safety. And most radial ... [ Read: Tyre Safety and Sports – Bridgestone’s Latest Ad Strategy Drives an Important Message Home ]

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Almost three quarters of motorists across Britain are totally unprepared for any instance of heavy downpour this winter. Heavy rainfall is a common occurrence during winters in the UK. However, most motorists in the UK have still not geared up to combat a sudden downpour while driving. 75% of drivers across Britain are at a high risk of ... [ Read: Shocking! 75% Motorists in the UK Unprepared for Downpour this Winter ]