Car driver types
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Here is a funky interactive page that has been created by National tyres and Autocare describing who are the main types of Car Drivers and how to spot them? Do you fit into the bill of one of these car drivers? or is there someone you know that does? I sure know one or two of these driver types. Personally ... [ Read: Who are the main types of Car Drivers and how to spot them? ]

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Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions is a part of Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC and a member of the Hitachi Group. The company is one of UK’s vehicle management firms offering business and private car leasing. Apart from car solutions, the company also offers van rentals and construction equipment like cranes for rent or lease. As an ancillary service, Hitachi Capital ... [ Read: Hitachi Planning To Continue With Michelin Tyres ]

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Technology is changing with leaps and bounds. In fact, over the last few years, tyres have undergone quantum changes in polymer strengths, tyre widths, tyre tread designs, and tyre polymer mixtures. For the consumer, this is wonderful as they can experiment with a range of new tyres to get the most bangs for their buck. Future Perfect for Tyres For ... [ Read: Future Tyre Conference: Call for Papers ]

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Firestone is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. With more than 20,000 employees worldwide, the company is internationally recognized. However, this does not stop it from signing up with new companies in an effort to increase its customer base. The company recently inked a new commercial agreement with Barclaycard Arena to increase viewership and patronage ... [ Read: Firestone Setting Up New Sponsorship Deal? ]

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It can be hard saying goodbye to an old car, but whether it’s failed its MOT, you’ve had an accident or it’s just time to get rid of the old banger, the first question on your mind will probably be how do I get the most value out of my car? You may hear many people suggesting that the ... [ Read: How to get the most value from your scrap car ]

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Buying a used car is one of the best ways at cutting the cost of your day-to-day driving. Most brand new cars lose around 40% of their value in the first year, so if you want to invest in a car that doesn’t instantly lose you money, a used car can be the most purse friendly option. Of course when ... [ Read: Things to Check when Buying a New Car ]

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Top tips for van users to prevent theft Vans are valuable items, not only the physical vehicle, but the tools and equipment that sit inside too. Each year, around 47,000 commercial vehicles are stolen in the UK. That is a total cost of around £152million. When you rely on your van to be able to do your job, this ... [ Read: Safe and sound: Don’t become a victim of van theft ]

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Vintage cars have a style that is hard to beat. The classic lines and unique designs are the reason why there are so many classic car enthusiasts in the world. Sixties cinema highlighted these unique cars in all their glory and you can still see a few rare and vintage cars in local and national museums. However, the ... [ Read: Bonham to Auction a Rare Belsize 1416 HP Roi des Belges Tourer ]

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Nokian Tyres is a well-known international tyre company. The company has more than 1300 outlets all over the world with more than 4200 employees in 27 countries. Every year, the company plans an innovative incentive plan that encourages their key employees to do their best in performance and sales. This year too, the company set up an innovative ... [ Read: Nokian Tyres Implements a New Employee Incentive Plan ]

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Almost 60% of the world is already plugged into the internet through smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. With wearable tech like Google Glass and Samsung’s smart watches, consumers can now remain connected while on the go as well. However, Cambridge tech company RealVNC has taken it one-step further by integrating smartphone data on to your car’s computer.   About ... [ Read: New Technology Could Make You, Your Mobile and Your Car a Single Entity ]