Car driver types
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Here is a funky interactive page that has been created by National tyres and Autocare describing who are the main types of Car Drivers and how to spot them? Do you fit into the bill of one of these car drivers? or is there someone you know that does? I sure know one or two of these driver types. Personally ... [ Read: Who are the main types of Car Drivers and how to spot them? ]

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Murfitts Industries recently announced that two artificial football fields are being constructed in Australia! But what does a rubber industry have to do with a football field? Well for starters these are no ordinary fields. The two huge football grounds are being made from recycled tyres that will be transported from the UK. That’s right!! Murfitts Industries, UK’s ... [ Read: Creating a football field with 300 tons of recycled Rubber ]

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Ford recently declared its collaboration with the Goodyear all season Tyres! Goodyear tyres with be installed on all Ford vehicles. You heard it right! If you are a Ford fan, you are definitely in for a treat. As you know Goodyear is one of the best tyre brands in the world. Its exceptional performance and durability is something every ... [ Read: Here is why Every European MUST buy Ford Vehicles: 3 Reasons ]

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[Published by | 16 Nov 2015 | One Comment | 349 views]

Recently, Redpath Tyres was awarded a Silver status and has been named the first Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC) in Edinburgh. You must be wondering what exactly is the Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC)? Well PPC’s are car dealerships which have been carefully audited in all aspects. Anyone who wants to purchase a car can without a doubt rely on these centres ... [ Read: How Redpath tyres became the FIRST PPC in Edinburgh ]

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REIFEN 2016 is just a few months away. This one of its kind trade fair is the best place for tyre enthusiasts to meet up and discuss the latest tyre trends. Apart from the exclusive exhibits, you will also receive a warm welcome by the organizers and other fellow fans and experts. If you belong to the Tyre industry ... [ Read: Why is Every Tyre Manufacturer Awaiting REIFEN 2016? ]

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[Published by | 12 Nov 2015 | No Comments | 177 views]

Sumitomo Rubber Industries recently set up an advanced tyre manufacturing company in Turkey. This brand new plant goes by the name of Sumitomo Rubber AKO Lastik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS (SAT). Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which also happens to be the parent company of Falken Tyres, inaugurated their tyre plant in the city of Cankiri, Turkey. Sumitomo Rubber Industries has ... [ Read: 3 Reasons why Sumitomo Rubber Industries chose Turkey to set up their brand new Tyre Manufacturing Unit ]

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[Published by | 12 Nov 2015 | No Comments | 128 views]

Kingsferry Coaches were in talks about signing the three year contract with Bridgestone. This year they managed to seal the deal. The luxury coach will now have tyres fitted by Bridgestone. Every coach will be serviced by the efficient tyre manufacturer. The contract also suggests that M788 products will be installed in a total of 61 coaches. Winter is ... [ Read: 3 Reasons the Kingsferry Agreement with Bridgestone is the BEST thing that happened to Europe this year! ]

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With winter setting in, days are becoming shorter. As darkness takes over sooner than before, chances of road accidents are increasing tremendously. Here are 5 safety measures you MUST keep in mind while driving in dark. Due to a rise in the number of deaths by road accidents this year, the police has asked drivers to be extra cautious ... [ Read: 5 Safety Measures You MUST take while Driving In Winter this Year ]

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Over the last few years, Hankook has tied up with several car manufacturers to create unique tyres for their cars. Now, the tyre giant is expected to tie up with VW and AUDI to be OE or original equipment on both car models. About Hankook Hankook is South Korea’s largest tyre manufacturer. The company makes more than 92 million tyres ... [ Read: Hankook is OE on VW, Audi Models ]

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[Published by | 27 Oct 2015 | One Comment | 347 views]

Hankook is South Korea’s largest tyre maker and it manufactures several unique tyres that are exported all over the world. Now, the company has announced that it will be tying up Vibram to create a unique concept tyre range based on Vibram’s shoe technology. Why Vibram? Vibram is well-known for its sports shoes. The Italian shoe company has more than ... [ Read: Hankook Signs Up With Vibram to Create Signature Concept Tyres ]